Seattle councilmember Kshama Sawant on Democracy Now regarding Hillary Clinton.

KSHAMA SAWANT: …I have no question in my mind that in order to make social change, it is absolutely critical that women, people of color, all the members of the oppressed communities under capitalism, be on the forefront of struggle. But I think the identity of the person we are talking about, the leading people, is—are much less important. Their identities are much less important. What’s far more critical is where they stand….

It’s more the fact that she
is a dogged representative of Wall Street and Wall Street interests, and her entire party, the Democratic Party, and the establishment that controls it, is a representative of Wall Street interests. And yes, there are differences between Republicans and Democrats, but that is one thing they agree on, that they are primarily advocates for Wall Street. And Hillary Clinton is well on her way to be the international emissary for the fracking industry, which is so dangerous, so much so that she has refused to really, you know, even accept that this is going to be a huge problem in terms of climate change.
But you look at the whole spectrum of issues. A lot of people think that, well, it’s a woman leader, and this is going to be important. But, look, she was on the board of Wal-Mart for six years. Wal-Mart is the world’s biggest purveyor of poverty wages. And who do you think it affects? It affects women at the very bottom. You heard from the woman, the poignant story of the woman—I saw her last night at the protest—who said that because welfare was destroyed under Bill Clinton, she—her mother had to become a sex worker. Hillary Clinton was not an innocent bystander when welfare was dismantled. She actually played an active political role alongside Bill Clinton and the new Democrats. Now, as a feminist, I would have loved for her to have played an active role to shore up welfare, to make sure that women’s living standards could have been improved. Unfortunately for us, she’s playing a very active role as a woman, but as a defender of Wall Street. So we really need to get outside of that. And if people are looking for a woman to support, think about Jill Stein.

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Q: are farm animals subject to cruelty laws.

A: Laws are generally not made with the intention of making sure farm animals are viewed with respect and care outside of human interest (food safety). Farmed animals are omitted from Animal Welfare Act. Farm animals raised for the meat/dairy/egg industries are the most abused animals in the country. The minimal protections that do exist are loose and often not enforced at all despite recommendations of strengthen enforcements. There is law in transport: “the vehicle must stop every 28hours to let animals out for excercise/food/water” circumvented by another law: animals can be confined 36 hours with owner permission. Birds exempt. Did you know the government has interpreted “birds” – chickens, turkeys and any other bird raised and slaughtered for food – are not protected by the humane slaughter act. Birds make up 90% of the animals slaughtered for food; yet they have virtually no protection from inhumane slaughter.

There are not any federal laws in governing the condition in which farm animals are raised, many state anti cruelty laws exempt “commonly accepted” practices such as no anesthetic for removal of testicles, tails, horns, beaks, toes. Piglets killed by slamming their heads on the ground!! Ducks forced fed until organ failure. HOW IS THIS LEGAL? This is because the industry was allowed to define what their standaed practices are and be exempt. Try applying that to pet animals.

If “the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated,” (Ghandhi) we are utter failures.

riddle me this

The Constitution provides that “No person except a natural born Citizen . . . shall be eligible to the Office of President.”  Ted Cruz, being born in Calgary, CANADA and lived there for his first four years…is technically not a natural-born citizen, right? Cruz claims the law has been clear that US Citizens born abroad are natural-born…but the courts actually haven’t said that.  Cruz has even go so far as renouncing his Canadian citizenship in ’14? (as did his father in ’05).  I’m sure Canada isn’t shedding any tears over it.

It wasn’t mine!

As if the sport of cycling didn’t have enough shady dealings (thanks Lance and other dopers), a concealed motor was found in Femke Van den Driessche’s bike during a cyclo-cross race. Apparently this is a thing now:

Her response was “It wasn’t my bike, it was that of a friend and was identical to mine.”  Of course it wasn’t. The ~3 to 4lb weight difference didn’t clue you in?

I’ll get back to posting about other things but I just can’t get over the scenario with the Oregon militia.  But here’s a article worth reading about land ownership issues:

Concerning the occupation in Oregon, certain Burns Paiute council members are wondering when the U.S. government is going to show up to handle the situation. When asked why he thought the U.S. response to the Bundy militia was different than how his people had been treated in times past, council member Jarvis Kennedy didn’t hesitate to answer: “Because they’re white. That’s about it.”


Kennedy also said that if his tribe acted like the Bundy militia they’d already be in jail or worse. “It gets tiring,” says Kennedy, “It’s the same battles that my ancestors had and now it’s just a bunch of different cavalry wearing a bunch of different coats.”

Considering the facts over U.S. history, it’s hard to disagree.

State police pull over a white man who declares “I will kill all of you, you don’t believe me? If I go to jail and when I come out, I will kill you.”

He was handcuffed and placed in the back of a police car.

Now this is just speculation, but what if a black man was saying this.  What the chances he comes out that scenario alive?

This man was on the way to join the terrorists at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, and based on how insane events have been going I’m a little surprised they didn’t just let him go.

OR. militia update

The militia group holding up in the Wildlife Refuge are seeing how much shit they can get away with now.  Besides taking down fences and paving a road through part of the wildlife, they have taken down cameras and dared the FBI to get them back.  They are taking the Wildlife vehicles to go grocery shopping.  One was arrested in the Safeway parking lot, another was not, presumably because they had an assault rifle.  I’m sure this arrest came as quite a shock, after all, they did paint over the federal logo on the door (but did leave the Federal plates).  The militiaman in question, Kenneth Medenbach, faces a felony charge.  He was previously arrested for illegal camping in Washington in 1995 in which:  “Medenbach had attempted to protect his forest campsite with fifty to a hundred pounds of the explosive ammonium sulfate, a pellet gun, and what appeared to be a hand grenade with trip wires.”

And if the whole “take back the land” by white Americans wasn’t ironic enough now they are adding further insult to the Burns Paiute Tribe who are concerned about damages to the ancient burial grounds and the artifacts there.

Enough is enough.